River of Love

River of Love

The river of love flows down from on high.
Look – can you see the first drops in the sky?
Trickling together birthing the stream.
Feel the excitement enter the dream.
Sings to the tune of a bab-b-ling brook.
Crystals sparkling longing to look
Deep in the hearts of human emotions.
White water rapids creating commotions.
Gathering pace as the river of love
Dances and swirls empowered from above.

Freely, powerfully the river now flows.
Chasing after the slops as it grows
Through forests of cedars tall and erect
Straining to reach their potential elect.
Water surging through hillside peaks.
The cavern of grace its destiny seeks.
Diving over the towering cliff.
Cascading down the precipice.
Spray causing the rainbow to glisten.
Now all is quiet and ready to listen.

The river of love enters stillness and peace.
Tranquil it rests until all time has ceased.
Kissed by the mist of fragrance lingering.
Soft winds caressed, whispering, tingling.
Whirlpools spinning, waves of healing
Spanning the chasm of life and meaning.
Majestic sunsets engaged through reflection
Shimmering moonlight yearns for perfection.
Revealing loves true purpose and calling.
Embracing a world that is crying and falling.

River mature now broader and deep.
Moves with momentum a harvest to reap.
Down through lush meadows and trees
Lapping the banks in the gentle breeze.
Onwards towards the sea of humanity
Humbly flowing in faith and expectancy.
Yearning to achieve its God given vision
Out in this world of strife and derision.
Secure in the hope of this river of love
Sharing the passion of the One from above.

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