ripples 2

In those days I went to the fjord
With my friend Erik
Sometimes we swam
In the tears of the mountains
Then lazed on the warm shore
Listening to the lapping music
While watching the circus
Of the clouds
Later we carefully choose the flat stones –
The skimmers
This was our favourite game.

It was on such a day
That the shapeshifter arrived
Without warning
Just an one-eyed man and his wolf like dog.

‘Take nine stones and throw them in the water
one by one, but rapidly, count the ripples
to see the years the Gods have given you –
but choose carefully.”

To children an unknown word –

Then he had gone
As suddenly as the black raven
That watched our eagerness arrived
Twitching his half turned head
In idle curiously
Amused by our behaviour
In not searching for food ?

Then we tossed the stones.

Erik died last year –
I am still counting.

© (Löst Viking) (July 3rd 2015) John Anthony Fingleton

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