Ride on love

As I approach My love,
though I ain’t a Millionare,
and other tough ones at you they glare,
let me ride on love.

not on a fine face,
coz her appearance is an ace,
compared to mine cursed menace,
let me ride on love.
not on clothing,
for when placed besides her golden linen,
mine are common silveries.
so let me ride on love.

and on money?
No!for on the way,
money may fancy,
some tacky girl,
then it will be no more.
so just let me ride on love.

so let me ride on love,
only love can be equal among hearts,
only it can ooze from our words,
as much as in our deeds,
without any of us being hurt.!
so as I approach My love,
let me ride on love.

2 thoughts on “Ride on love

    1. Jobale Wihnope Post author

      Wow!..Thank you..Louis.I sure have the copyright to this lyrics.Anyone who thinks can make a commercial play of it and give me half of the proceedings can contact me at +254720840088
      thank you for your comment.


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