There’s a whisper,a calling deep within the heart.
Yearning from the future, setting us apart.
A movement of His Spirit right across the land.
A sense that God Almighty is holding out His hand
Welcoming the nations to a closer walk with Him.
In love He’s telling them He’s paid the price for sin.
His arms are open wide, as they were upon the cross.
He’s made a way for all the fallen and the lost.
Creating a new life that only He can give.
A life that’s supernatural, one we’re all called to live
Eternally with God and family of believers.
No room for unbelief, self sufficiency, deceivers.
Heaven’s, guaranteed for those who love the Son
Jesus Christ Almighty, the Sovereign, Reigning One.

9 thoughts on “Revival?

  1. Jacqueline Fraser-Blake

    An annointed poem for such a time as this, a Rhema word indeed Your first two lines capture revival right there, thanks for sharing it Martin it’s a natural gift from God looking forward to reading more of your poetry in the near future

  2. Amita Paul

    Classic end rhyme with strong iambic rhythm, appropriately utilised to stress and put forward the poet’s firm belief in the articles of his faith .

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