Revival army

Revival army

There’s an army getting ready, for a victory that’s been won.
They’re in training, under cover, to fight and win, with love.
They’ve been tried and they’ve been tested, to breaking point at times.
But they’re coming through together, confident, sublime.

The key to their success, is the Master that they follow .
Sacrificed his everything, His life without a sorrow.
He’s more than an example, gives authority and power
To those of his disciples who anticipate the hour.

Now the army’s ready, waiting His command.
Their open and willing to do all He demands.
Loving their enemies, it’s second nature to this band.
For they know they’re protected , by his almighty hand.

There’s peace within the camp, encouraging one another.
For there may be times ahead, when they might have to suffer.
But nothing can compare with the pain and the price,
Paid by their Lord and Saviour, King Jesus Christ.

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8 thoughts on “Revival army

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A rousing piece that bears the hallmarks of its historic cultural antecedents found in “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

    Onward, Christian Soldiers” is a 19th-century English hymn. The words were written by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865, and the music was composed by Arthur …
    Written: 1871
    Text: Sabine Baring-Gould
    Melody: “St Gertrude” by Arthur Sullivan Menu0:00
    Based on: 2 Timothy 2:3

  2. martin platts

    Thanks Louis.To be associated with Onward Christian Soldier’s in anyway is indeed a privilege . I realise that it has been over ten years since I have written any poetry, this may have some added significance. Thanks again.

  3. pramilakhadun

    So much power in this poem, moves our inner feelings and we are waiting for better times as you said dear Martin.

  4. martin platts

    Pramilakhadun your comments are so encouraging. We believe we are living in exciting but difficult times but there is a plan to bring us through and we would like to play are part in that plan. Thank you so much.


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