If I’m really concentrating
And I have something to say
If I’m not prevaricating
And can say things as I may

Why on earth would I revise
What I’ve said as best I can ?
It’s a waste of time , not wise
Unless some lines do not scan

Yes , sometimes by simple tweaking
On re-reading you might gain
But there is just no point in freaking
Out : Write different , write again.

Best not revise overmuch
If the nasty so-and-so
Keeps niggling at such-and-such
Just forget it . Let it go !

Yes , I’m lazy , that’s one reason
And I like spontaneity
So I’d never commit treason
Against creativity

I’m a versifier , shan’t
Ever be a famous poet
So revise ? I simply can’t ,
And I don’t feel I should do it

Then I’m narcissistic too
And attached to all I write
And when I’ve put forward a view
I just tend to think I’m right

Sounds intolerable , no?
And it might well be very true
Anyway, that’s all I know
About what I like to do

All in all , I hate revising –
Why do what I don’t enjoy ?
I would rather be devising
A new poem- now that’s Joy !

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

5 thoughts on “Revision

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Why revise! Very interesting avowal of what the poet feels…I respect your opinion dear poet Amita but I for one would rather revise not changing my content /theme/thoughts …but somehow I always find corrections to make … on puntuation and typo errors too …and after corrections I still find more to do …

    1. Amita Paul

      This is written in fun . The narratorial voice need not be the poet’s own voice .
      It’s always interesting to hear different opinions about how poets craft their poems . It differs from poet to poet .


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