Searching for my pearl oysters,
once I dived into moving memories;
To win moments that were blissful,
once I was in the utmost coral reefs.

Have often dreamt that we are together,
in bleak nights sharing heats of our past;
At times, I see you passing by my side,
no wonder, with the same cold glance.

When I see you, I wish to erase you,
from my time, from my universe;
In your eyes, I see a merchant on a go,
selling mystic whims and tinted dreams.

All these years I was gathering rays,
sitting alone under azure sky;
To lighten up my darkened nights
in a cavern of forlorn sprites.

All these years I was picking moments
from the melting ocean of aeon;
At dusk, I too set with the sun,
with a hope to shine on a new morn.

Copyrights reserved @ DrNikhat Bano

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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

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