Reqiuem For A Small Town

It will be quiet in Newtown tonight ,

it’ll be quiet for a while yet ;

The town that kept safe and itself to itself ,

out of mind like other towns

in other states and other lands ,

is no longer out of the glare

and clamour and lenses of a world

that must now intrude

in towns just like

Newtown in Connecticut :

where keeping safe and itself to itself

ended when madness spoke its lines

with a sound and a fury

and all their innocent yesterdays

went out ,out.

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    Requiem For A Small Town by louis kasatkin
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    There is such an agony in the American people over the devastation of lives and dreams and joys~~I read about these childrem and who they were… I read about their teachers and who they were… I just cannot write about it… not now… maybe not ever… but I am glad there are great poets that not only can but do… thank you for being a voice for those of us still struck dumb

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