Remembering is easy the strange new greens
Yellows and browns and blues in a different light
Almost exactly but how do you express it the wonder
The exciting differentness of it the sensation you can still see
With the cold damp brightness of it all altogether
And it all blending in people their utter otherness
In hair and eyes and smells and clothes and food.

Remembering the new kind of books you began to read then only just begun to be written
Words like taupe and greige and umber avocado teal
And you lost in tow heads flaxen blondeness and rich auburn- ness of it all
Then there was chartreuse,cyan, corduroy, Onegin stanza, Golden Gate
and all the while a river flowing brownly
Deeply darkly dimplingly , and a rainbow bridge.

Remembering the bicycles their chains their riders in chestnut cloaks lined crimson never dreamt
Sitting and reading under high ancient domed honey stone
And stained glass windows and the awe of manuscripts that you could touch illuminated
Ruby ultramarine carmine vermilion lapis lazuli gold
Must and vanilla , the sweetness , the wonder of it
With ancient minds communing , wandering out
To fragrant hot thick coffee comfort.

( ASA )

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