Remembering Mandela


Remembering Mandela

When “MAN THE LAW” rules
Mandelas will appear every now and then

Through the open door of prison
When he walked out to freedom
It was God/Love who got released
From the prison of ignorance

He walked the soil that held all
To prove his heart is bright and shining

Mandelas had come
And will again come
When the soul of world cries
And the ground is still fertile with hopes

There is much to do
Than to win a crown that is heavy
When the tiny stomachs cry of hunger
And muted and stilled as little buds itself

Your name Mandela,
May it be the new “ Man The Law
Not to rule but to be adored by hearts
To make this world a better one to live

(Note: just took “Man de la” and “Man The Law” because loved the sound similarity with all respect to the great soul I always loved and revered.)

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