Remembering How I Died




remembering 8

I cannot for the life of me
remember how I died?
A knife?
A rope?
A bullet?
That finally closed my eyes?

An overdose?
Bad needle?
Rusty razor blade?
Did I leave the window opened,
or first pull down the shade?

A storm at sea?
A plane crash?
Or a tumble in the snow?
I wish I could remember,
if it came on fast or slow?

Some rare disease?
That cancer?
A blood clot in my brain?
I’ve tried, but can’t remember,
perhaps I died insane?

A husband who was early,
And found me in his bed?
Perhaps I did die happy?
All I know, I’m bloody dead!

© (Löst Viking) ( November 2015) John Anthony Fingletonöst-Viking/746104845419195

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