Quench your anger on me,

With a perfectory sip,

As if all dryness

Dwelt in my veins.

You’re regal

And I ‘m wearing my losses

On a beadless string,

Playing rehash of the summer of our choiceness.

Drawn to the flame

Yet, mothlike living,

Soaking my days in tepid venom

And weaving your nights

Into stillness.

3 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Regret ” moves across my first perfunctory superficial reading of it,with a nonchalance and coolness that somehow reminds me in part of Joni Mitchell,Patti Smith ,etc.

    Welcome to Destiny Poets,Witty Fay ! and what an entrance with that brace of poems ! Please feel free to share some biographical notes;as the International Community of Poets we are always interested to know where you reside,as you may note from the widespread global geographic diversity of the other members.

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