(by Joan Wilson)

Those things we so regret,
thank you,you bore it all,
“cast your cares upon me”
still that is your call,
still the burden bearer
still the Lamb for Sin,
praise the name of Jesus
glory to my King,
you alone victorious,
let His praises ring!
help me praise you for the thorns
as well as roses Lord,
yet always that sweet fragrance
comes with every dawn
as we meditate with you
here in this sweet retreat,
I thank you Lord for this as well
sat at your mercy seat,
when I’m poor and needy
you comfort and disarm,
and tell me,”I bore it all”
put off your wild alarm.

( Joan Wilson was awarded the title of Faith-Centred Poet of the Year 2018 in the Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets Annual Awards )

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