reflect refract

there are mirrors, that show

the size of the discrepancy.

she said

i didn’t understand the mirror

he said

the shop mirror slopes slightly to be more complementary yet my discrepancies still show

she said

didn’t understand the mirror

she repeated

i was still thinking about the mint chocolate and rainwater on misted glass and children left awhile to watch the water run and later the mopping of windows

and also the walkers dripping spots on the newly mopped floor

and people bought umbrellas

the house of legislature had muddy red water swirling all around it

four feet and more after the monsoon downpour today

and the leader of opposition left in a rickshaw

cars stalled with water in the carburettors

the cook came to work with her sari soaked up to the knees

hope she won’t fall ill

changing into a dry sari adjusting the pleats before the dressing table

will you understand

or look through me like glass

or at me like a mirror

you didn’t understand

is that why we need poetry and mint chocolate

as if i cared

forgive me

nobody kills a mockingbird

so it has come down to killing has it

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