Reflected Glory

She stared at the broken mirror
and curiously felt the flakes about to be fallen off.
Her broken image is indeed
the reflection of a fragmented life.
Bemused scraps stacked boringly
bearing the warmth of a waning dusk.
Everyone who lived with her carries her broken piece
And that’s what makes their images perfect!

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About Suma K Gopal

Suma hails from a village in Kerala, India, and writes in English and Malayalam. Her poems, written through those inevitable moments of change, are quiet expressions that help her unmask. Her poems have been published in various international anthologies including Inner Child Press International, Amaravati Prism, and xpresspublications/, and has written lyrics for music albums. Suma holds Master’s degree in English Language and Literature and has given poetry readings at a number of events. Suma began her career as a web journalist about two decades ago, but later she chose a profession in Human Resources, while poetry remains her passion.Suma is a South Indian classical musician, a certified executive coach and a senior Human Resources professional in a multinational organization based in Bangalore.

4 thoughts on “Reflected Glory

  1. Amita Paul

    A poem that pitches the subjective against the objective , the subject against its objects , the source of glory and glitter against the reflective surfaces in which it is mirrored. As with clowns or jokers who can be sad people in themselves but cause others to laugh so also a person who is the source of light for others may be broken in her own self. Willing or unwilling loss or sacrifice of one person can benefit others around them. A wistful poem.

    1. Suma K Gopal Post author

      Thank you, Amita for your reflective comments. I believe we leave a bit of ourselves in all who we interact with… so do they!


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