Clouds thunder & showers

Dot my sky

Rains drizzle

Then halt, and ponder

Glabrous terra, Lakes athirst

Ebbing brooks

Yet the soil moist

Who concours our deluge?

They wonder


A solitary mortal

Whose tears flood the plains

Praying hands

Beseeching eyes

And cries of atonement

Rent the air

It is him, and his like

That pillaged the terrene

Clouds thunder & showers

Dot my sky

& mull, To absolve, bless or

Let it suffer in dearth

Razed cliffs, beheaded stumps

A lull in buzz n chirps

Bleak contours of the sphere

Harden their will to abjure

Its thunder

No more a promise of lush


A cry of bereavement.

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About anitadesai

Anita Desai is an alumni of the University of Delhi. An administration and human resources professional, she was associated in the past with Embassy of Israel and with the UKaid's development programs in New Delhi. Currently based in Hyderabad, Anita is an emerging short story writer, poet, blogger. Her short story "The Domestic Maid' was featured on an online literary community 'New Asian Writing'. 'Epileptic', a short love story has been published by Nivasini Publishers in their 2015 anthology, 'Celebrating India - Love Without Borders'. She shares her opinions on social/political causes of human interest on 'saddahaq.com', a social journalism platform. Her Hindi poem 'Navnirman' has been shortlisted for publishing in 2017 in two anthologies, 'Ek Sahar Ummeed Ki' by Authorspress, New Delhi, and The Winter Anthology by Nivasini Publishers, Hyderabad.

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    1. anitadesai Post author

      Thank you very much. Last year, around end of July, I actually experienced those feelings standing on my balcony when, the sky would turn cloudy, there would be thunder, a few drizzles and then it would all recede, leaving us dry and parched. Hyderabad had seen three successive years of drought until the bountiful rains in last Sept/Oct. l’m glad ‘Rains’ touched a chord.

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