Rain , Rain , go away

The chubby five year old splashed in the rain
“Ah, rainy day, rainy day, no school”, his refrain
The pitter patter of rain and the clouded canopy
Sent him into raptures of unadulterated glee
He danced and sang, and his hands clapped
Like a consummate rapper riotously rapped.
With juvenile laughter the surroundings resounded.
The garden with the prattle of kids abounded.
In a rain drenched field sat a skeletal farmer desolate
Sunken cheeks tear streaked, eyes red, misery great
He cast an intensely sad look at the clouded canopy
Watched by a royal kingfisher atop a gulmohar tree
Feeling lost, he beat his chest, and cursed his fate
With the unjust God up there wanting to remonstrate
Like a woebegone child, appeared the savaged fields
With a forlorn air lay the rain – ravaged yields.
The vicinity with the echoes of his grief abounded.
Ravaged by this calamity, he slumped astounded.
Elsewhere, juvenile laughter, loudly resounded.
The garden with the prattle of kids abounded .

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