Raga Khamaj

It was late

In the evening

I sat playing

Raga Khamaj

On my Veena…


So immersed

In the tune,

I noticed not

Your arrival…


Thunder stormed

At me…

Opened my eyes

To see your

Steps receding..


My Veena hasn’t

Been touched since then

It’s playing the same Raga


When the dawn breeze

Strikes the strings

It’s wrong time..

My heart wrings


Won’t you tune it

To a morning mode?




2 thoughts on “Raga Khamaj

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The general reader will find this to be both captivating and exotic.A very satisfying work.

    Editorial footnote:-
    Veena – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Veena (Sanskrit: वीणा) is a plucked stringed instrument originating in ancient India, used mainly in Carnatic classical music and Hindustani classical …


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