Public Relations

One cannot pretend that this pleases one
Still , what has to be done simply must be done

For England expects every man to do his duty
Women must think of England , that’s the beauty

One has to keep a stiff upper lip
One cannot let one’s standards slip

The media may accuse one of megalomania
If one feels like humming ‘ Rule Britannia ‘

One knows this line has often been used
But one must repeat , one is not amused

One’s had the most harrowing of lives
But one cannot talk of it like other wives

People have the oddest idea of fun
For some it’s an American , for others a Hun

One hasn’t been the luckiest of mothers
But one cannot crib like all the others

The very young ones can be a joy
Horse or dog , one has never lacked a toy

One looks very carefully at the old bean
To make sure he does sing “ God Save the Queen “

One has learnt the lesson , one never complains
And even more convenient one never explains

The public one never must miff
The back is no longer ramrod stiff

Pleasure meeting , see you again
And now it’s time for a little champagne

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

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