Pu-Tai (Old Fat Monk)


Old fat monk 
with a colourful cloth bag,
filled with woes of the world 
walking down a wonderful path.

Where people worked day and night. 
he would wink at them to bring the smile.
in the snow filled town of Japan
kids call him a Hotei. 

Rub his belly, to bring the good luck.
He would sit whole day doing nothing,
from one bowl he would eat rice of thousand families. 
and all alone he would wonder, one-thousand miles.

In the evening he walk back to the same old path.

He would bring candies to the kids,
flowers to the girls,
food to the hungry,
and love to the unloved.
those who find favour in his eyes are are few,
he would search truth in the white clouds.

If his sandals are wet, the rain would fall,
if he is found sleeping on the town 
bridge in the squatting position,
the weather will be warm. 
he would dance with his open belly
to bring the spring, in the old town.

The protector of kids,
the nourisher of weak,
our cup is full with your teachings,
it’s our capacity to achieve or enjoy the goodness of life. 

by Sameer Tembe

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About Sameer

Hi, I am from Mumbai (India). Film making is my passion and writing is a great relief. When ever I want to say something or felt about something I used to write poetry. I Started Writing poetry at an early age during school till now. Its the way to say what I feel most of the time about the things which happen around us, a unique way of sharing thoughts without being judgmental.

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