Pruning of the wild

My garden grew wilder than ever
Creeping with dark green desires in
The intaglioed sprig-pattern the rain
Carved on to the brown face of the earth
Like his fingertips do on my awaiting

Rain ignited the fire in the seeds beneath
And the flames blazed up desirously
Creepers casting their dark damp shadows
Consumed the designโ€™s major part
Soil wet and humid under the opaque lines
Like I lie under his pearl dripping frame

Today the gardener decided to prune them
To let the sun kiss the brown face of the lady
He cleaned and brushed crisply the edges
As the time does with the skulking desires
Light is what the most desirous fire carrier
And it creeps in through our silence into each other

A different kind of wilderness grows now
In the openness of a secret vast cerulean sky
Laying the passions to rest upon the wings
Of a breeze that breached the boundaries of age
He and I โ€“ the eyes wandering in the blue –
In a meeting point beyond yore of time and space


4 thoughts on “Pruning of the wild

  1. VijayNair

    This memorable poem moves effortlessly between the material and the spiritual world.”Pruning’ becomes a suitable leitmotif to enhance the thematic concerns of the poem.

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