Present day mannequins

Plastic like, painted smile on face,
At the most a mannequin,
Are people in this so practical world
Being human is a sin.
They abhor the simple caring hearts,
They mock at efforts to be fair.
They hug and kiss at drop of hat,
But where is genuine affection?
To be decked up, is call of the day,
Where is that soulful connection?
They praise you at slightest hint,
But acknowledgement from heart is rare,
This is what the people are here and there,
Here and there and everywhere.

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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

1 thought on “Present day mannequins

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This seems to be the comapanion piece to the poet’s earlier , ” Transformation ” , and whilst that was largely introspective ,this one takes a broader perspective and is by no means any less incisive.

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