Power of Life

Life swivels all around me

Sometimes suffocating me with its negativity

Sometimes choking me up with its load of evil

Some other times lifting me up on pink clouds


Being so like a violin symphony

Is powerful enough to bring me to my end

Since faith becomes life’s musician

Why should I be scared of life

Why should I let myself be overcome


Arming my heart with bravery

And securing my sensitivity with stoicism

I do wear a smile

And face life

After having dumped my sword!

If only

If only the rest of humanity could do same

Pray, we would all have swayed in a group dance

Swaying and caring never

About what life throws on us

Rather, we would have learnt to use the melodies of life

So that we do complement these

By singing words of glory!

Why, life swivels all around me

And I, mere puppet of life

Succumb to the exalt of it

Allowing myself to grow wings when need be

And to be crushed to pieces when life wills it!

4 thoughts on “Power of Life

  1. suzette portes san jose

    life is the way we choose to live with…accepted or renounced, still, holds the future…reality dear… nicely written … 🙂


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