Poverty hits you right there!

An innocent face,            


Scattered hairs.

A torned school bag,

Mismatched, large-sized,

School uniform.

Chappals complimenting,

The entire dress.

A ten hours ordeal,

For the young poor kids.

A four and a half hour school,

The rest spent on travelling.

No food.

No gadgets.

Hardly twenty rupees in pocket.

All alone in this,

Big, damn world.

But the emotions,

The happiness,

The energy,

The faith,

Is higher than the blessed,

Well-dressed human beings.

People need to learn a lot from them.

God bless these,

Fantastic souls.

Who keep going,

Even when everything,

Works against them.

And they have been,

Cursed by,

Human’s biggest enemy-Poverty.  

*Note-Chappals (Cheap Shoes)

5 thoughts on “Poverty hits you right there!

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An engagingly bright,incisive piece rendered with commendable poetic aplomb. on people’s responses to the prevailing circumstances in their lives.

    This well crafted piece marks a welcome,if somewhat overdue,return for the author to posting with our Community.

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