“pour Manuel Acuña”


Softly, softly, a breeze is blowing
across the salt lake, to resuscitate –

Gently, gently, that dear, young corpse
in the eddies, seems to bloat and mutate

Slowly, slowly, it sinks without knowing
Feed, fish and time, do not hesitate

Calmly, calmly, at twenty-four took he
his life. Death & Love to mutilate.

Quietly, quietly, the living eat his bread
Broken for us through his poetry

Sadly, sadly, his words swim like wine
In the blood of that Tragedy on which we now dine

Patiently, patiently, wait for me, kindred
The horns blow, the cattle lows

Coldly; coldly, the weather is gathering
to my demise too, though the storm’s still slow.


My poem “pour Manuel Acuña” translated by Deepti Singh – copyright belongs to respective authors


हौले हौले , बहती बयार
खारे तालाब के ऊपर से, पुनर्जीवित करने

हल्के हल्के , एक प्यारी, नौजवान देह भँवर में , फूल के त्राण पाने की ओर

धीमे धीमे, डूबती है, जाने बिना
कि भोग, मछली और समय, किसी का इंतज़ार नहीं करते

शांति, शांति से, चौबिस की वय में वो अपने ही प्राण हरता।मृत्यु और प्रेम विकृत करते हैं।

चुपके, चुपके, जिंदा खाते उसके हिस्से की रोटी
वे टुकड़े जो उसकी कविताएं तोड़ जाती हैं

अफसोस, अफसोस,उसके शब्द शराब-से तैरते हैं, उस त्रासदी के खून में , जिस पे हम अब भोज करते हैं

धैर्य धर, धैर्य धर, रुको मेरे लिए, मेरे अपनों
समय पुकारता है, मवेषियों का वृंद रंभाता है

धीरे, धीरे जमता सा, ये मौसम , जमता जा रहा मेरे अंत की ओर, बस अभी तूफान धीमे है ज़रा


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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Editorial Footnote for the benefit of the reader.

    Manuel Acuña Narro (27 August 1849 – 6 December 1873) was a 19th-century Mexican writer. He focused on poetry, but also wrote some novels and plays. Even though he was famous at an early time of his life, he decided to commit suicide.

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