Politics of Austerity

Our three great Parliamentiary parties

the incompetent , the stupid and the greedy ,

concur that joblessness and poverty

are solely the fault of the needy ;

Government departments with their indifference

misinformation and bureaucratic sloth ,

have decreed that the poor and jobless

can no longer afford to be both ;

Budget cuts here there and everywhere

cuts to top rate taxes amongst others ,

lead us down Wall Street again

to the door of Lehman Brothers .

( Footnote :See also the recent similarly themed poems , “Welfare dependency” and “Economic Crisis” )

3 thoughts on “Politics of Austerity

  1. sunil sharma

    A lyrical critique of the misinformed state policy of austerity measures!
    Kasatkin, through these simple but highly-effective lines, evokes the spirit of Swift in his poem and raises it to a sublime level of meaningful social commentary. His recent political engagements with history and economics of England—and of Europe also—brings out the best satirist in him and confirms the chief vocation of a great poet—to censure the mores and the governments from a liberal-humanist perspective and be the voice of the mute. Pure delight this slender but potent piece to the discerning ears and eyes that suffer from a surfeit of verbal jugglery being heralded/ passed as serious poetry these days. Political is both personal and poetic for him.

  2. lokesh roy

    The concept of democracy has firm roots in England from where it has been transplanted in different parts of the world. Over time the economic performance might have been poor but that could have been due to several extraneous factors. The one strong leader whom I still remember is Margaret Thatcher.Winston Churchill is another hero. I still maintain that England has a far better sense of democratic values than many other countries of the world. The concern as expressed in this poem is perhaps borne more out of anxiety than criticism- like a possessive father for his extravagant son !

  3. Rashmi Malapur

    I like the poem….It the picture does get dismal at times. In lot of respects this is true. Above all, government fails to monitor. But, in democracy the government that governs the least is the best.
    “That government is best which governs least, because its people discipline themselves. If we are directed from Washington (heads of an organization) when to sow and when to reap, we will soon want for bread.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson
    The bankers should be a bit more careful with the money as it belongs to the public. Greedy takes over at times.

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