Poetry Drinks De, Songs Sing Me.

Words burn out of their spirits

As an old man spills philosophies

From inside a closed bar

In the bulky pages of silence and innocence


Wind foretells the humming stories of truth

As I ponder upon the sacrosanct lies

That with time has stained humanity.


 Rocks and sands sing songs of the feeblest ones

While rains drain their sorrows in the might sea

I didn’t write poetry in words

I didn’t sing a song that has no life.

Poetry drinks me, songs sing me.  


26-09-2012 ©Dom

Dom Kafley, Adelaide

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About Dom

Born in a very small South Asian Country of Bhutan, brought up in Nepal and now living in South Australian city of Adelaide. A self-paced student of social sciences, poetry and media, Dom is a Civil engineering student by profession. You may be drinking a lot when you are internally burning; good poetry sates his internal thirst.

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