Poem of Pain

I love this sting,
as I draw red ink,
to write on a cloud,
my cries- silently loud…

This deafening sound,
of my heart’s pound,
when it itself does tear,
I love to hear…

I tear myself,
I bleed myself..
I cherish the pain;
Yeah!! I’m insane…

You’ve seen my smile,
my laughter juvenile..
you’ve seen it all,
but not my fall…

To recall, I don’t dare,
those memories- a nightmare..
Those days bygone,
those days alone…

It was hell,
those nights and days..
I was tortured
in a thousand ways…

The wound still hurts;
like hell it hurts..
on all my days,
even the brightest of days…

To forget them,
I tried in vain..
They just came back,
time and again…

Like the rain,
that hides tears..
Like the rage,
that hides fears…

I too found,
my cover;
my pain to hide-
the perfect cover…

I wrote my pain,
in blood and tears..
I wrote it all;
my pain and fears…

I love this sting,
as I draw red ink,
to write on a cloud,
my cries- silently loud…


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Contradictory and confusing as my thoughts, I am a Mechanical engineer working in an interior fit out firm, dreaming of one day making it as a poet and trying to learn card tricks :)

3 thoughts on “Poem of Pain

  1. joker Post author

    this was my last poem of 2011. It is in fact a summing up of all my feelings during the year.
    Memories.. Especially the bad ones are too persistant. Never leaves us..
    I found my exit in my poems. There’s a saying in Malayalam that roughly means that ‘ You can never forget something that you are trying to forget.’

    it hurts when you pen down your worst fears and deepest scars, but the realisation that the pain is temporary makes me cherish it..

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    This is a very strong and courageous piece of work.I say that even though as a reader I was somewhat pre-empted. Reviewing poetry can be like wine-tasting.The connoisseur-the taster- “detects”certain “notes” or influences.I certainly detect familiar tropes from the early to mid 70’s lyrics of Elton John ;modern urban ennui and a disenfranchisement of the soul.

  3. joker Post author

    thanks Louis.
    I will have to agree with you that there are familiar notes in my poem, not because I’ve heard those lyrics but because I know that pain is universal and has not changed with time. Reasons may vary but the pain always has some common notes..


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