Picture spins a web of tales-

flashes from the past whiz by.

Images forever trail

once shut in camera’s eye.

Truth lies in the maze of net,

and not what colours portray.

Smiles appear roseate

tho humour in disarray.

Spirits – the photo discards,

Wits, memories – the mind guards.

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About Rahul Aithal

I am from Mumbai, India. Composing poems gives me immense pleasure. Few poetic sites I write on are -,, and, recently Avant-Garde-Writer's Haven (on Facebook). You could browse my other writes on my private blog, I am glad to have joined this site, thanks to Louis. I hope to add value and get the group going.

6 thoughts on “Photo

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    Though I don’t agree that a photo doesn’t always catch the essence but the poem is indeed beautiful and a good reference point it will be for my students who have just read the poem “A Photograph”


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