Perseverence brings glorious end

Drop by drop the water trickles

Cracking the rocks creates ripples

So strive O brave heart,

Diligently towards your goal.

The roads may seem unending

And turns steep and bending.

Tired steps may become unsteady

But flame in mind should burn steady.

The path to destination will many a hurdles face,

Deterring thoughts in mind will race.

Like tornado will twist and grip

Here the strong mind displays its grit.

Forces may connive to change the path,

Nature may also show its wrath.

Social and economic burdens will to problems contribute

Endure and never allow them to delude.

No matter how vexing and consuming the conditions

Of your aim always keep clear vision. Repeated failures may like blisters hurt

But a brave soul it cannot deter.

Sagacity laced with endurance and plethora of patience

Will deliver you to your glorious destination. When you see the rainbows arch in the sky Then your sigh

will confirm all was worth

6 thoughts on “Perseverence brings glorious end

  1. amitapaul

    A good poem to cheer oneself up and to inspire others travelling on difficult paths of life .
    The line spacing in some lines seems to have got overtaken by the digital trolls.
    The ending is a bit puzzling .
    Perhaps it could be thus :
    “ When you see the rainbows arch in the sky
    Then your sigh
    will confirm it was all worth it “

  2. Bilquis Fatima Post author

    Thank you Amita Paul ji.Yes i had trouble posting the poem via my mobile as the spacings either disappeared or were unequal.
    Thanks for the suggestion on the last line.


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