Perfect Storm

In charcoal darkness
the wind howls
without warning
lashes out
She hides behind the waves
breaking on the beach
numb as a rock
cold as a stone
Her castle of sand crumbles
piece by piece
grain by grain
Salty tears of yesterday
by the incoming tide
Pieces of seashells
wash up on the shore
like broken souls
waiting for the coming dawn
Mornings marmalade sky
A lovers burning blush
Shining down on a sea of glass
All is calm
The storm has passedsand_sea_sky_storm_stormy_sunlight_sunset_waves_zeusbox_d152011-1920x1200

4 thoughts on “Perfect Storm

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    “Perfect storm”,is a poem that highlights its author’s strengths and whose narrative is suffused with an ineradicable and poignant optimism.

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