People on earth ( by Doug High )

People on earth.

People on earth will never agree,
that which God rules our heavens
and who’s in charge of hell
who will let the stork in
and who will ring the bell.

People on earth should remember,
life on earth started so long ago
mother nature ruled as Queen
but many don’t agree with this
and she’s running out of steam.

People on earth get together,
we can change it if we try harder
but it will take decades of time
and paradise awaits us
when we make our world divine.

People on earth must try harder
We didn’t help out at the beginning
it was handed to us on a plate
are we really going to end all life
is this what will be our fate.

People on earth come together.

Doug High.

( Doug is a member of Writers Assemble based at The Junction Pub,Carlton Street, Castleford and we’ll be meeting again once normality has been restored)

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5 thoughts on “People on earth ( by Doug High )

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    ‘People on earth’ is a reminder to us all not to take Mother Nature for granted … but to take the initiative to save the planet… and if not we shall be definitely having to pay through our noses.

  2. amitapaul

    The poet has focussed on the prime dilemma of our times. Unfortunately, Mankind’s collective history of the past couple of hundred years does not leave much room for doubt about the irrevocable trajectory of future action inspite of dire warnings from Nature

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