People Come and Go

People come and go

On earth  to heavens of hearsay

they say they cure,

in asylums of their making

I am told I shall be rewarded

for a hard day earned

yet I see before my own eyes

people in luxury cars

those who never sweated nor labored

only looted ,  inheritors of swindlers

I see before my own eyes

people  crowned as rulers

those deserving jail terms ,

those who never smoked

afflicted with cancer,confusing

confusing me further

O the ways of the world !

people ,  hale and hearty

those heartless and callous

and the sensitive souls damned

damned,  as jilted lovers

again people who swear by truth

eventually hanged for  standing by it

-people come and go ,lusting for more

as though they shall, shall live, forever…






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