The General
stands and stares at
his uniform’s epaulettes
moth-eaten in the wardrobe,
coming to regret many
of his former actions;
jagged recollections of
tortures and beatings
he had ordered to be
inflicted on those in his power
left him inconsolable and contrite;
His elaborate braid and gleaming medals
no longer the talisman against
decay,rust and a cancerous guilt;
Seeking penance in a miasma
of chemical addictions,
The General finally encountered
his own true nemesis,
leering back at him
from deep within
the confrontational mirror.

Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right to be recognised as the author of this work)

1 thought on “Penance

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Space Epic ( Comments extracted from )
    07 July 2012
    Of the batch of poems you just recently posted, I was drawn back to this one for several reads. The words were rich and visual, yet did not draw excessive attention to themselves so as to allow this interesting character, his back story, and ultimately his self-made tragedy to be the focus. It is a nicely drawn portrait, and refreshingly of a subject a bit different and perhaps more grounded than the normal fair of poetry. This tight composition reads like a full story because of how and what it evokes.

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