Peace in rain.

 Crunchy fritters   fry in frying pan

Water whistles in the electric kettle,

While chutney churns in  a blender

Preparations  are in full swing to welcome the rain.

Drop by drop  the  rain falls on tree tops,

Then hastens to a downpour , quenching the  parched lawns,

And  drenching   leaves and  flowers under its  clear shower,

 It streams    down  window panes washing  away the dust.

 Aroma of hot  snacks  deliciously  blend  with the  petrichor, tickling taste buds,

 Little fingers dig into  fritters and   watching the rain, cackle with fun,

Chiming in their  rainy anecdotes  elders sip tea  from  firmly held cups

and watch the steam rise and disappear in the mist.

 I quietly slip away onto  the  balcony  

To find my   peace in the rain, undisturbed.

There is something mystical about it for when I watch the rain

A  pleasant  calmness  seeps through my veins.

I refuse  to listen to  any chitter-chatter, not even of my brain,

But only listen  to the pitter patter  of the transparent  rain,

For nothing more peaceful and soothing

I find, than the fragile  music of the rain.

4 thoughts on “Peace in rain.

  1. Amita Paul

    Exquisitely beautiful , this poem conjures up the exact atmosphere in an Indian home on a rainy day , adding to it the narrator’s unique personal perspective .


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