Peace – boundless love.

The world, I dream, is a humungous bower
Nestling hearts enlightened with love
Love for all breathing souls, big or small
Irrespective of caste creed and colour.
Cocooned in the surrounding quintessential
Away from all hate and fear.

Everyone in their own sweet way
Diligently concentrates for life to ameliorate
Not wasting time in rue and revenge
Nor lose their peace to infuriating instigations.
Love eradicating the sins and not the sinners

An effervescent river of peace, by its side flows
Where the blacks and whites and the yellows
Singing paeans , paint images of kaleidoscope.
Sharing willingly gems deposited in the rivers banks
While love like fragrant breeze touches and heals.

And nights are no longer wasted
In keeping guard or planning attacks
Or by nightmares of social persecution.
But to revel in the arms of the beloved.

And every mother, in peace sleeps.
Snuggling close their babies

Copyright@ Bilquis Fatima

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