Paris, ne pleurs pas

Paris, ne pleurs pas,

Paris, don’t cry.

My heart bleeds

Seeing the aftermath of the disaster,

Worst one after World War Second.


It gives me shivers

To see victims writhing in pain,

The dead and the alive

Calling for their dear ones,

Congealing our blood.


Tears have become frozen lava trails,

The tears of terror, the terror of tears,

The out-pours of mothers’ hearts,

Lovers’ agony, fathers’ faint trickle of hope

And friends’ despair, all rallying around

A cause, the cause for saving lives.


There are so many beautiful things,

So beautifully offered by Planet Earth,

To cater for our needs, safeguard our interests

For a sustainable development, peace and progress.

Will the impeccably dressed leaders

With green jade cigarette holders,

Smiling enigmatically take a decision

To spread peace and love around?


‘Peace does not mean the absence of war’,

But war means the absence of peace.

Take away then inequalities,respect human rights,

Establish discipline of thinking and behaving,

Be compassionate, open your doors,

Rearrange your mind, empty the dirt out

And a new world order will emerge

Where peace will prevail

And the spirit of brotherhood bloom.


pramila khadun

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About pramilakhadun

I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

4 thoughts on “Paris, ne pleurs pas

  1. VijayNair

    An impassioned plea for the emergence of a new,peaceful,world order in the aftermath of the tragic events in Paris.Moving .

    1. pramilakhadun Post author

      Thanks Vijay, nice of you dear to put this comment, birds of the same feather, we feel together, we feel for a change, we feel the need for a better world where all men are brothers.


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