Paper Stars

They strung them paper stars all the way,
bright fancy ones
in all colors and sizes
hung out like clothes to dry
dust laden, upon the weary roads
that leads to the church where
man in his quest for God,
as time treads.

Some long tailed
like the comet said to have led ,
the shepherds
into the abode of heavenly rest,
reminiscent of
the magi, the three gifts,
the family, bowing their heads.

At night it looked as if
the sky had lodged itself upon the earth,
the stars they hung surprisingly bright,
like rats in tons ,coming out
mesmerised by the Piper’s flute
the five points the six points
the Froebels, the Moravians,
the hoop wreaths,the golden rods,
to the weary eyes
ah! what a grand grand sight.

For a season, for a time
the paper stars glistened
scorched in the sun during day,
wet in the mist at night,
upon stairways, on empty roads,
in front of houses ,even in pubs
shining, when man willed it to shine
and pulled down, when,
for man, the gaiety was done.

And I stood amidst the brightness
looking around for some confirmation
of Him in whose name the stars were hung,
His presence in it all, where does it come?

And the still small voice of the Ages said
Beloved,let them ! in everything
My name shall be blessed.

From the crevices of my memories
arose the hymn “Gloria in excelsis Deo”
my voice broke out loud and clear
to reach the star lit skies…
as when from the skies the angel’s sang,
Glo ohohohoh ho Glo oh oh oh oh ho
Glo oh oh oh oh ho
Glo oh ..r……ia in excelsis Deo….

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About Dr.Mary Annie A.V.

Dr.Mary Annie A.V. hails from Trivandrum, India and writes under the pen name 'anna maria' . She hails from a family of writers . She holds a high official post in the University of Kerala,Trivandrum,India. She resides in India with her husband and three children. Her poems have been published in various e-magazines , print anthologies in India and abroad. She has two collections to her credit, titled "My Beads Unstrung" and 'More Beads Unstrung'. Her definition of a poem is : Virgin white paper raped. Rapt. Writing is her passion :)

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