Paid Dinner

I woke up

From Deep Sleep

To be greeted by rumour

Of my death

I was happier

Because I didn’t appear

To those, my near and dear

I was left alone

To take my good care

And to share

My share of nature

No expectations to bother

No commitments to wear

I was excited

Spent hours in laughter

Till I felt hunger

My tongue slipped with a bang

Mother my dinner

I peeped into dining room

My chair was

Already occupied!

My platter was

Emptied away

This is not fair


Where is my dinner?

My mom’s laughter

Pierced me

My stomach was empty

My eyes full of tear

And then

I heard a whisper

Yes this is not fair

Don’t ever disappear

From those, near

To you

And think you

To be dear

If you disappear

You lose your dinner

You want dinner?

Have to appear

And pay for it

Less in cash,

More in kind

I cried louder

I am sorry

But I need my dinner

It was when

Somebody shook me up

Wake up!

Whets wrong

You fought me last night

And skipped your dinner

Now you shout

My Dinner!

It is all over

What? I asked in fear

I mean dinner

Mom said with a smile

I hugged her tight

And kissed her bright

I am sorry mom

I will never skip the dinner

You prepare with love

I will pay you love

For every platter

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About neetuwali

Hi! I am Neetu. Who am I? This question is very difficult to answer. Well! If you insist, let me reveal. I am a human and like every other human I eat, sleep, drink, dance, sing, laugh, smile, cry and so on. Hang on! There is a difference. Unlike most of the human beings, I breathe and when I breathe, I relax. When I am relaxed, I draw. I draw sketches of me in words. I have been orbiting around sun for forty years now. I started this journey on the Valentine day of 1974. I have seen people craving for heaven and I was born in the only heaven on earth (Kashmir). My Grandfather was a spiritual personality and a renowned poet of his time. Though he left me around 35 years ago, I couldn’t let him go. I carry him in my eyes and mind and will do that till the end of my life. I hate words, yet I am full of words. I know words cannot express, yet I express me through words, because they are the only medium I am familiar with. That is why I try to express me as much as possible with as minimum words as possible. When I did Masters in business administration, I never knew, writing will be the only business in my life. More than hobby writing is a necessity for me, because it helps me get the load of thoughts off my head. I don’t remember when it that I wrote my first poem was. But I surely know the time of my last poem. Surely,not before my last breath.

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