Overmeasured Monday

The cold light of the bus
The somehow whispered voices of the travellers
The blue mask worn by the October night
The Monday that hasn’t promised anything
The broken screen of the mobile phone
All these are crowding the space between my ears
They are overmeasurely tiresome
Over the measure irritatingly the driver is breaking
But the breaks don’t follow the order
Chaotically drifting
We are going to fly through the windscreen
Soiling with our shrieks the automn
October will crawl its leaves on our
Over measured wounds

The cathedral will toll its bell over the pandemic
And I will miss the bus stop

6 thoughts on “Overmeasured Monday

  1. VijayNair

    An engaging,exquisite narrative,filled with thrills and spills,parodoxically,of an ordinary day,with an unexpected but apposite ending!

  2. amitapaul

    The poet takes us on a metaphoric pilgrimage of everyday life where cathedral bells toll over and beyond the ominous pandemic but predicts her own predicament of missing her appropriate bus stop , in a wryly ironic fashion .

  3. Louis Kasatkin

    A veritable piece-de-resistance replete with Hitchcockian tropes that crackle with all the existential angst the reader has come to expect from this author’s pen that drips Noir.

    1. iulia gherghei Post author

      Thank you so warmly, dear Louis Kasatkin! You know me and my writing craft so well by now!!! Thank you!


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