The howling wind on my face,
strong and wet, with water chill..
The roaring sea, thrashing and wild..
On a seashore rock, I stood still…

Nature there, doing what I couldn’t,
an extension I felt… A part of me..
Or have I turned, inside out,
my heart out there and the sea in me?..

The wind wailing, my heart’s cry..
My desires suppressed, frustrations hidden,
anger, pain and all unexpressed,
gushing out, all of a sudden…

The sea splashing, wetting my face,
with water salty, my unshed tears..
The drizzle cold, cleansing my soul,
washing off, my untold fears…

My heart to me, nature held bare,
yet on that rock, I stood still..
I wanted to, but, couldn’t connect..
I tried and failed, my heart to spill…

The sun was blocked, as if joy denied,
just dark clouds, there I saw,
gloomy and rumbling, with thunderous roars..
How so evident, the anger raw!!..

And in between, those flashes of rage,
at all in sight and nothing at all..
Lashing out, like a blind man’s whip,
pity those, on whom it fall…

Then on struck, at my feet..
A flash, and then, I was airborne..
I felt very light, even within,
so calm., so pure.. As if reborn…

The wind carried me, in his arms,
and placed gently, on the now calm sea..
She covered me, with watery sheets
and in her bossom, I felt free…

And there I lay, cuddled up to her,
with burdens nil, my heart at ease..
Nature thus, granted my wish,
and there at last, I was at peace…


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About joker

Contradictory and confusing as my thoughts, I am a Mechanical engineer working in an interior fit out firm, dreaming of one day making it as a poet and trying to learn card tricks :)

8 thoughts on “Outburst

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The general standard of work posted on our site lends itself naturally to well earned appreciation and plaudits,so when a poem such as “Outburst” comes along “seriously outstanding”,will suffice. (Footnote) I would as a reader be intrigued to learn a little more about the motivation/inspiration behind “outburst”,perhaps sharing a few additonal words about it under the HEAR HEAR heading might be beneficial for readers?

  2. joker Post author

    thank you all..
    The request for the story behind the poem cannot be left unheard.

    To start with I must say that I’m the kind of person who feels any emotion rather deeply but always fail to express them. This is the basic reason behind the name ‘joker’. A person who always holds a smile.
    Now getting back to this particular poem, I’ve been going through a few personal problems for the past couple of months that had me stressed too much. I was unable to even write. So my emotions were boiling up in me without any possible exit. And then it was two days back that I had to go on a long journey, during which wind was blowing against my face and I literally felt it whisper.. It was then that I began to think,. What if… And thus my dear friends a poem was born..

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