Our Story

I remain the dew and you, the flower
I remain the nectar and you, the bee
I remain Consciousness and you, Existence
I remain an exiled Goddess and you, my saviour,
The God who chose to renounce of everything
To attempt to bring my soul back
To there where we loved
And enjoyed each other
As if,
We were,
The grain and the soil,
The seed and the fruit,
The river source and the ocean
Beings, in the end,
So totally in love with each other
That nothing else mattered
Except the fulfilling of our love tugs!

Pray, and in this life,
I remain yours
To break into millions of pieces
Or to be made to bloom
I remain yours
Even if I will hide my pain
Even if I will choose to pretend
That everything else is fine

I remain yours,
As such has been willed to me
By the skies
And abiding to their will
Is my utmost and genuine duty!

Human life is transitory
It passes off from one stage to another
Human bodies die and decrepit
While our essence shall have to flow back!

Pray, I remain the pen
And you, my blank page
I remain the poetess
And you, my muse
I remain in love
Even if you, not!

Already broken by life,
I thought not that you would do so too!
Already unloved by the rest of the world
I thought not that you would push me off too
I remain,
To break, to play with, to mend,
Or even to kill and to cause to cease to exist
Such has been willed to me!

I remain, though, submissive to my fate
I remain as dutiful and virtuous as would be
A Goddess incarnate
I remain the alcohol and you the drinker
I remain the cigarette and you the smoker
I remain
As long as the skies would want me to
Delay not
I wish it not that it be too late!

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