Our Reflection

The Gods birthed us here, and left
While hiding secrets of our purpose
And our origins in between the lines
Of enigmatic verses written in books
Which we qualify as being holy!
Yet, as the ages and the eras painted
Themselves upon Earth’s canvas,
We forgot of the importance of those books
With the end result being that we have
Turned into that which we were not supposed to!

And now, as at date, we can see the end of ourselves
When we glance at our reflections in mirrors,
For, gazing back at us, are empty faces with no features
And the only hope of saving ourselves,
Lie, in having implanted in us, bits and pieces
Of technology!

Functioning as part machines shall allow us
To get rid of diseases, to heal faster, to live longer
And to adapt to a highly evolved society
In a world which revolves upon itself,
Silently and stoically!

But such was not what the Gods wanted for us
And even if they understand that this era is the dark one,
They shall be severe and strict upon us
When our breath shall leave our body, whether human
Or technologically humanoid and then we shall realize
That regardless of the amount of progress we had made
We could never create life, with a soul; all we could was to
Allow it to sustain itself for a longer time!

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