Our Philosophy

I keep dreaming about it,

That moment, when we shall wake,

Tangled in each other’s hearts,

Lost in each other’s gaze,

There, in a rose petalled bed,

There, where the Gods and the Goddesses

Await for our return,

With thundering hearts, as

Without the vibrations of our passion,

Existence itself would have come to an end!

I keep imagining of how it would be,

Whether I would look at you with a teary submission,

Keeping at it only for the sake of Life,

Or whether I would enlace you

With the furor of a brazen lover,

Awakened by the drums that beat in my soul,

Drowning my heart in their frenzy,

Leaving me drenched and living only

For then when I would feel you all over me,

In between the folds of my senses,

In between the moody swings that inhabit me

In between the games of hide and seek that we have been playing

In the many luscious orchards of my own worlds!


It has become the meaning of my life

Yes, it has, without it,

I would simply turn into mist,

Or dust, so as to be of unnecessary nature

To the rest of the world!

Pray, I doubt not the story that binds us,

I doubt not the guidance of the skies,

A king you are, a God you shall be,

And I, the brightest sparkling Goddess

To be seated at your feet,

Being always ready to please you!

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