Our love story compiled.

You entered your home
and I kept on standing ,
only to wonder-
how I never saw ,you!
how we miss, to see a bud,
blossom into flower..

a flower spake thus
an afternoon memorable
to awake my senses-
pulling  me out
from a long-drawn stupor,
on a life of romance !..

thereafter, nights long,
days too short for counting
as I waited breathless..
wait for a night,
I, for a glimpse of you
from my terrace dark-

until I was caught
as peeping by your folks-
they, shutting their doors..
so that my flames,
stoked by a beauty infinite,
never stopped to burn..

I swear I was mad,
love is a powerful opiate,
as consuming us-
me, my thirsty self,
hovering o’er a honeysuckle
as one wont to-

I only assumed love,
as my prerogative

just being blind-
blind to reality
assuming ,I can never go wrong,
in achieving you..

so sweet it’s been
my sojourn into dreamland,
you wondering ever !
at the turn of events,
that had almost shaken
ground off your feet-

to be , not to be
as between yes and a no-
how you got ripped apart !
I know I’ve  not lost
fastening you unto memory,
but feel sorry, for you..

that these are,
those pages of poetry
you may still feel me..
in the dead of night,
if ever, you were to seek me,
they shall, comfort  your soul…


1 thought on “Our love story compiled.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Our love story compiled ” , is an exemplar of one of the more accomplished forays into ,the most problematic of all subjects , love and personal relationships , to deal with in the confines of a poem. Lokesh has handled the narrative deftly and the narrative structure is delicately nuanced


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