Our losses as Data

Our losses
Are not data

Flesh and blood
Smiles and tears

The stuff of life
Daily and special

Love and care
Food and Nurture

Oil and Aata
We’re not Data

We must count
None left uncounted

None left unaccounted
For or far - with Aadhaar

Today I breathe
Though I am ill

Which makes me
One kind of figure

Yet I am a person
A friend a poet

Tomorrow I may be
Just a statistic

Or not even that
For I’m not hospitalised

A faint memory
For a handful of friends

What we have lost
Is confidence

That we have a system
And that it works

That it is well-intentioned
Though it fumbles

That it may break down
But it picks itself up

That it serves us
The citizens

That it may be mindless
But isn’t cruel

We are lost and sinking
And numb with overthinking

Am I not even data ?
Less than a grain of aataa ?

No , no , oil giants will mine me
A number they’ll assign me

And report every death as task accomplished
That puppets have performed as masters wished

I’ll be part of their achievements
For which they will get compliments

Renewal of their lease -contract
And strengthening of the death- compact

They will extend their dark franchise
And mock the good and crush the wise

For we have forgotten to rise
“ When all other means are exhausted “

Because by now it is we
Who are exhausted

Expired , dead or just dead beat
With Corona, and summer heat

( ASA )

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