Open yourself

Open your mind
And connect to the expanse of darkness
That lies, silent and ruminating
In the depth of the universe

Open your mind
And connect to it
And then,
Write me a poem
Of how life on our Earth
Could be turned into a bliss
For all those who tread upon its marshlands!

See the futile matter that we all are
See how fickle is our existence
How unnecessary is the mess
That we create for ourselves
How trivial are the tears that we shed
For the sake of some issue related solely
To the material world
See the journey that we are living through
As temporary
See the mystery of what lies after as it beckons us
See us all
As that which we are
Mere ants, blinded by our own vision,
Limited in the limits of our mind’s perception
And you shall see
That just by yourself
You shall morph into a flower,
Whose nectar is meant to be used
As ink,
To write the poem
That those who are treading on Earth
Need to read!

2 thoughts on “Open yourself

  1. amitapaul

    A deeply spiritual and altruistic impulse underlies this poem which has a very logical progression of thought.


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