‘Only the Holy’

Only the Holy’,
Lord, such a cry.
T’was not for the Holy,
Your Son came to die.
Not for the perfect,
but Sinners like me.
Nailed to a Cross
so that I might walk free.

‘Only the Holy’,
Not one ……You said.
For the wretched, unworthy,
my Jesus bled.
The humbled dependent,
needing God every day.
Only the broken,
have hearts that can pray.

‘Only the Holy’,
Lord save me from that.
I don’t fit the mold,
and I don’t wear that hat.
I so need my Savior,
to bathe me in Grace,
and pray for ‘the Holy,’
to find Your Embrace.

1 Corinthians 13;3,
‘And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and although I have given my body to be burned, and have not Charity, it profited me nothing’

5 thoughts on “‘Only the Holy’

  1. Elizabeth Post author

    A couple of my poems have found their way into song, lol. I have been trying to find your writing here, but alas, it would seem elusive, where do I go for that?

    1. HowardFrost

      Hi, Elizabeth,
      I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that you are looking for some of my work.
      There is some in each edition of “Elephant”, and one or two pieces posted.
      Sadly I’ve been busy getting my “what, where, when – published” list up to date so that I give courteous acknowledgement to previous publications.
      I shall be posting and commenting as time allows, but my main job in Destiny Poets is running the monthly workshop.
      Keep writing and posting – Howard Frost

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