One And Only Love

Forlorn is thy spirit!

With shallow breaths life is escaping..

The bubbles sprouting on swirl of time’s conspiracy.

Arduous is thy moment with treachery of my alien heart.

Panoramic is the mystic mimics of mockery

with mirage of my own shades of shadows.

Life is jostling to find the edge on the knot of darkness.

Behind those hills where woods are dense and the sexton’s whistle blow’s

as my beloved’s call of the midsummer’s nights dream.

Under the blissful sky with jewels of twinkling stars

Wine of sea and that island of Madagascar

where nature was playing the violin of freezing breeze

and the forlorn spirit in dictum’s tone was singing Rusalka

or, at times pleased with the Rubayi of Omar Khayyam

or was knocking the defiant sea with Galib’s ghazal

and at far the cacophony of cities were fainting

jazz and pops playing at discos unheard.

With the sonata of symphony at poet’s heart

in the wildness of ballads of many a Shakespearian attributes.

The daffodils were yet dancing as a nature’s bliss

or to soothe the soul of Wordsworth?..

Amidst all the forlorn spirit was riding the white horse

to encircle and captivate the rainbow as a promise to his beloved

with a red Rose in his hands dreamy spark in his black eyes

and with shivering lips with hopes ,dreams and desires

the unbeatable warrior was surrendering to the doped mirage of ” LOVE”

whilst she was unfolding the curls of her long hair with a yawn.

His heart rained unfurling the rainbow and in deepest of seclusion

tears were splashing as colours to shade the terminus between life and death.

For thy forlon’s spirit’s birth was a curse for love wasn’t in his destiny and the irony,

he was a great lover for he will wait till eternity or till the judgemental day comes

as of apocalyptic of Bible or by Muhammed’s teachings

for then the void will fill the gap of infinite 

and the fortitude of time and relation will collapse.

For it will be the unconditional eternal untired wait of someone

Someone to find his one and only love

Love that will bind the “Gitanjali” and “Women in love”

to witness the surreal union of dusk and dawn.

It’s the ethereal “One and Only love “Of mine

that will breach the protocol of death

For I die every moment

as an euphoric narcissist in love with death..!

©  Maya Dev 2014 Dec

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About Maaya Dev

Maaya Dev is an Indian based poetess and an economics graduate. Her poems have found place in several national and international anthologies and journals like Episteme, Criterion, Langlit, Anthesis, Eternal, Wings, Forever, Change, The Significant Anthology, Aquillerelle Wall of Poetry Book 5, Umbilical Cords, Kaafiana. She is a winner of Delhi Poetry Challenge – Kaafiya Contest 2015 and a short story winner Seasosn 1 at StoryMirror. She is a contributor at many reputed poetry sites and won few poetry contests. She is also conferred with the title of ICOP Critic of the year 2015 at Destiny Poets UK( An International Community of Poets). Her debut anthology ‘SHIMMERING CHIMES’ got published by AUTHORSPRESS Delhi, in Sept 2015.She blogs at

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