One of the Disappeared

Of all your dreams now toppled like

ancient Babylon into the sand ,

there is one that you embrace

with a certain ambiguity ;

a necklace of capillaries circled

by the intimate knife that sheds

your life’s delusions in a

welter of sacrificial blood ;

the Purple raiment unresponsive

to your gasping Salve Mia

the unerring blade elicits

the evocation of a name

heretofore denied by your own

discarded testimony ;

In vain your acquired hypocrisy

seeks a reprieve before

the primal scream

brings you face to face

with your own denouement .

4 thoughts on “One of the Disappeared

  1. lokesh roy

    This poem appears to be a wonderful narrative about a historic saga. It calls for a little description for the layman.

    1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

      This particular is related to and part of a much broader thematic work that includes ,for instance,” The Disappearance of Eduardo Gomez”. as well as a similarly styled work , “Penance”,which in many respects resembles , “One of The Disappeared” ,albeit from an alternate perspective.


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